Detailed Guidance Throughout Your Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings can take a drastic toll on you, your family and your children. When going through a divorce, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be invaluable in your search for swift and favorable resolutions.

For more than 32 years, Antonio “Tony” J. Perez-Benitoa has devoted his practice to providing compassionate and straightforward divorce guidance to families throughout the Naples, Florida, area. With your best interests in mind, our firm offers the honest and informative advice you need to understand your situation and make the most educated decisions on how to approach it.

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Personalized And Honest Divorce And Family Law Advice

Our experience and knowledge of Florida law and the Naples-area courts and judges allow us to provide insightful advice on the various issues involved in divorce proceedings:

To offer the most effective representation possible, we take great care to understand the dynamics of your relationship, your financial issues and your desires for the future. Once we are completely familiar with your case, we work to provide the personalized advice you need to make objective and informed decisions on each divorce-related legal issue.

As experienced litigators and negotiators, we carefully tailor our approach to your desires. If you wish to work together with your spouse to reach amicable solutions to the many issues in your divorce, we will work with you to create effective agreements. Of course, should an amicable agreement be impossible, we offer the strong courtroom representation you need to have your wishes and your opinions heard.

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