Effective And Experienced Child Relocation Assistance

In today’s challenging job market, it has become more common than ever to have to relocate for an employment opportunity. Relocating for a job or other reasons can be a complicated task, especially after a divorce involving children and established parenting plans. Whether you are relocating or need to fight a potential relocation, the assistance of an experienced lawyer can be vital in helping you find the resolutions you need while addressing the many details relating to the relocation process.

Our firm leverages more than 32 years of family law experience to offer relocation representation to parents throughout the Naples, Florida, area. In an effort to help you with either side of a relocation matter, we offer advice on every detail you may face, including parenting plan adjustments, travel expenses and other logistical issues.

Personalized Support During A Challenging Process

With the challenging nature of the relocation process, it can be difficult to find the proper legal counsel you need to achieve the desired results. Thankfully, we have the insight needed to help you find the resolutions you are seeking.

Whether you and your former spouse are able to agree upon a new parenting arrangement before filing for relocation or you are contesting a possible relocation, we are here to help. By conducting a thorough examination of your specific situation, we can build a strong case that will allow you to achieve your goals.

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